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Sarah Pappalardo

Co-founder of Reductress and author of the new book How to Win at Feminism
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KATG 2507: How to Win at Feminism

with Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo – Ophira Eisenberg co-hosts: the book How to Win at Feminism; creating Reductress; Reductress’s covering of comedians’ sexual assaults; Sarah’s coming out story; The Babadook and The Lobster reviewed November 4, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Reductive Seductress: Reductress co-founders Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo are in studio with Guest Host Ophira Eisenberg
  • — And Then Some: Beth and Sarah are the authors (along with Anna Drezen) of Reductress's new book How to Win at Feminism
  • — A Lot Of Hummus And Late Nights: Sarah and Beth talk about how they created Reductress
  • — An Inevitability: Sarah, Beth, and Ophira wouldn’t mind seeing the end of gender
  • — Rape Culture: Beth and Sarah discuss why they decided to dedicate Reductress’s homepage to articles about comedians’ sexual assaults. The gang discusses the rampant sexism that dominates every industry.
  • — Shot In The Dark: Ophira took her 1-year-old son for his first vaccines
  • — I Kissed A Girl, Also I Don’t Believe In God: Sarah shares her coming out story and the 10-year process of getting her mom to accept it
  • — Who Do You Know Who’s Dead?: Sarah and Beth have both lost close family members
  • — 98%: Keith did not enjoy The Babadook but he loved The Lobster

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