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Comedian who has appeared on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore and is known for singlehandedly starting the Middle East's comedy scene
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KATG 2506: Nemr of Hope

with Nemr – Ophira Eisenberg co-hosts: Nemr began the Middle East’s comedy industry; Nemr vs. ISIS; Lebanon; outwitting Saudi Arabia’s laws; KATG polls; Nemr and his girlfriend trick his audience November 3, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Cover Of The Rolling Stone: Middle Eastern comedy sensation Nemr is in studio with Guest Host Ophira Eisenberg
  • — Pie-In-Face Pioneer: Nemr started the Middle East’s stand-up comedy industry from scratch, having personally performed many countries’ very first stand-up show and recently played to a crowd of 5,000 people in his home country of Lebanon. He still had to contend with having to be an unknown in America’s comedy scene.
  • — It’s Not Good To Play With Evil: Nemr’s comedy goal is to bring the Middle East together and believes his comedy has made ISIS’s job harder. Nemr gives a brief history of ISIS and explains why they aren’t as powerful as they seem.
  • — You Take The Good, You Take The Bad: Lebanon just elected a president for the first time in 3 years, hasn’t had the government remove its trash in years, and doesn’t have electricity 24 hours a day; however, it’s one of the most stable places in the world
  • — Ambassador Smith: When Nemr performs in Saudi Arabia he does so illegally and once had to outwit Saudi Arabia’s religious police when they came to one of his shows to arrest him
  • — Greatest Hits: 0% of KATG’s listeners have tried to reintroduce condoms into a relationship because they cheated. Only 1 listener stopped watching football because of the National Anthem protests. Only 1 female listener is a Woman for Trump. 45% of the audience were beat by a guardian. Nemr and Ophira give us a glimpse at Lebanese and Canadian corporal punishment in schools and at home.
  • — Single And Ready To Mingle: Nemr has homes in both Lebanon and California and his girlfriend is all set to move in to his Los Angeles home with him. Nemr’s girlfriend, a marketing expert, knows some women won’t like Nemr’s comedy as much if they know he isn’t single, so she helps him maintain the perception that he’s unattached.

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