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Aileen Clark

Comedian who has appeared in Univision's Flama videos.
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KATG 2668: Speoutside of the Queer

with Andrea Allan and Aileen Clark – Your ridiculous tattoos; Molly and vomit; Chemda’s covfefe moment; for the love of Madonna July 10, 2017

Show Notes

  • — From Flavor Of The Month: Aileen Clark, host of the newest Flavor of the Month, is in studio
  • — Don’t Get Pregnant Or Tetanus: Aileen and Andrea Allan explain their ridiculous tattoos and near misses
  • — Shitting Your Pants or Barfing Your Brains Out: Aileen recounts the time she did Molly and threw up in her mouth. Again and again.
  • — Speoutside The Queer: Andrea and Keith relentlessly roast Chemda on her most recent Facebook status that made zero sense. Chemda tries to defend it. #weed
  • — Blonde Ambition: Aileen explains her love for Madonna and the artistic value behind Truth or Dare

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