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Aileen Clark

Comedian who has appeared in Univision's Flama videos.
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KATG 2543: Room to Improv

with Aileen Clark – Chemda’s radiation debate; UCB grades; the bathroom habits of Muslims; bidets; skydiving insurance, punched waves, and ribald storefronts; fat-shaming Santa Claus; pastor tells kids Santa isn’t real January 6, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Team Player: Aileen Clark, of Univision’s Flama videos and a bunch of improv groups, is in studio
  • — The Neuros: Chemda is leaning towards no on radiation, but she still has yet to make up her mind
  • — UCB+: Aileen discusses looking at her UCB grades for the first. Keith reviews Don’t Think Twice.
  • — Day By Day: A listener helped answer Keith’s question about the bathroom habits of Muslims. The gang troubleshoots bidets.
  • — Life’s A Beach: Keith shares more tidbits from his Australia vacation, including that he was offered a $30 life insurance policy before skydiving, all the waves he punched, and the ribald storefront signs he saw in the gay part of town
  • — Bad Santa: A mall Santa in North Carolina fat-shamed a 9-year-old boy who sat on his lap; Chemda is proud of him for expressing himself so well on TV but Keith disagrees. A street pastor went to a mall and told the children waiting in line for Santa that Santa didn’t exist (unlike Jesus, of course). Aileen shares her sad tale of learning Santa wasn’t real (at 12 years old).


Aileen ClarkAileen Clark

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