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KATG 2603: Got Beef?

with Ariel Elias – Pit bulls; what Disney teaches your daughter; pedophiles in the family; photographers vs. train tracks; April Fools’ Day and Pornhub; McDonald’s vs. President Trump vs. Wendy’s; states that ban bestiality; riding in a car trunk; The Dating Game’s rapist/serial killer; KATG polls; how to tell someone you have herpes; how to own a dog where you’re not supposed to April 2, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — A Little Out There With The Dogs: Ariel Elias, who owns a pit bull and isn’t scared at all, is in studio
  • — I Love You, No You Don’t: Ariel explains how Disney gives young girls the wrong notions about romance
  • — Watch List: As well as living with a pedophile, Ariel has a distant cousin that was a pedophile as well
  • — The Good Light: Anne Whitman confirmed that people die regularly having their photos taken on train tracks, and photographers frown upon those pictures
  • — Liars’ Day: The gang discusses the various April Fools’ jokes that went down, as well as the Pornhub prank that made Andrea jump out of her chair
  • — Where’s The Beef?: McDonald’s Twitter account badmouthed President Trump
  • — Roasted!: McDonald’s tweeted that they will start using fresh beef in some of their burgers in a majority of their restaurants in mid-2018. Wendy’s went on Twitter tear to mock them.
  • — A Real Shit Show: Police in Northern Ireland have opened an investigation to find out exactly how human feces found its way into a shipment of cans at a Coca-Cola bottling plant
  • — Dirty Dog: The state of Ohio has passed a law to make bestiality illegal while several states still haven’t made animal sex criminal
  • — Forums Feedback: A listener related all too well to Neal Stastny’s story about riding in the trunk of his father’s car
  • — The Dating Game Rapist: Rodney James Alcala was a winner on The Dating Game and later was convicted of and charged for being rapist and serial killer
  • — The Polls Are In: Regarding The Dating Game, 40% of the audience said that they would be most into sharing a hot dog with cum all over it; 20% of the audience generally showers after they poop; 27% of the audience has been arrested, 55% of the audience would rather go to Chemda’s silent smoke session over Keith’s yelling coke party; 25% of the audience has been stood up on a date.
  • — I Have A Dead Dad, I Have Herpes: Ariel discusses the courtship with her current boyfriend and how he was hesitant to date her because of her herpes
  • — Lords of Dogtown: Because Keith’s landlord is aware that he owns two dogs despite signing papers saying the building is pet-free. Keith learned that once a landlord knows about a pet and doesn’t take action within 3 months, the pet can legally stay.


Ariel EliasAriel Elias

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