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Luke Mones

Comedian best known for his Boompole Guy videos and for appearing in Elite Daily's Generation WHY? series.
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KATG 2621: Finishing School

With Luke Mones and Hann Cowger – The burdens of being abnormally tall; romance; party etiquette; Trump on the White House Correspondents’ Dinner; naked comedy; Google Maps destroys lives; Chemda’s open mic house; Free Fire reviewed; Keith’s 3-D glasses collection May 1, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Best Impression Winner: Luke Mones, who won the coveted 2016 Best Impression KATGuh Award, is in studio
  • — Do You Play Basketball?: Luke is 6’ 6”, and people point it out to him on a daily basis
  • — With Love, From Maine: Luke went on the road and gave his girlfriend a blank card because he thought the gesture was enough
  • — Whine and Dine: Luke and his girlfriend brought wine as a gift for a dinner party at her family's home. Nobody drank it, and he feels he should be able to have taken it back with him.
  • — WHCA: Luke, as President Trump, responds to Keith’s questions about him not attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner
  • — Jokes In The Nude: Hann Cowger comes on mic to the talk about her time on a naked comedy show which Chemda attended
  • — On The Map: Google Maps accidentally listed a residential address as a pizza restaurant. Chaos ensues.
  • — Hide Your Valuables: Chemda is planning to host a recurring open mic in her apartment
  • — Movie Roundup: Keith’s reviews the top 10 movies in theaters, and he reviews Free Fire
  • — 180-D: Keith sent a listener a copious amount of 3-D glasses that he had been hoarding. Hilarity ensues.

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