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Comedian best known for his appearance on PBS and as a writer for Nickelodeon
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KATG 2522: Credit Where Credit Is Due

with Liz Miele and Mike Lemme – Sharron Paul co-hosts: Renting out a theater; Fidel Castro dies, the state of Cuba, Colin Kaepernick praises Castro; Florence Henderson dies; Thanksgiving; Moana, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Bad Santa 2, and The Edge of Seventeen reviewed November 28, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Countdown To Chemda: Liz Miele and Mike Lemme are in studio with your final Guest Host, Sharron Paul
  • — My Credit Was Amazing At Some Point: Mike discusses his new comedy show, for which he rented out a theatre for 15 days using credit cards. To make matters worse, his Amazon account was recently hacked.
  • — Bye Fidelity: Fidel Castro has died at age 90 despite the CIA trying to assassinate him hundreds of times. The gang talks about Cuba under Castro’s rule, visiting Cuba, and Colin Kaepernick’s Castro praise. Florence Henderson, best known as Carol Brady, also died.
  • — Winter Is Coming: The gang discusses how they spent Thanksgiving, from saying the c-word too much at the table to enjoying Patti LaBelle’s Internet-famous pie. According to the TSA, mashed potatoes are a liquid and not allowed on flights.
  • — Fantastic Keith And Where To Find Him: Keith, who has seen 7 of the week’s top 10 movies, reviews the season’s hottest films including the worst film he’s ever seen in his entire life. Mike, a huge Gilmore Girls fan, is enjoying Netflix’s revival of the show (Chemda, unfortunately, was not as impressed).

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