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Josie Long

Comedian, writer, and cartoonist who has worked on Drunk History UK & Skins, and has toured her one-person shows all across the world
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KATG 2524: Adam Solves Everything

with Josie Long – Sharron Paul co-hosts: Drunk History UK; church bribes; Josie’s near-death car accident; polycystic ovary syndrome; Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls; the parallel between Brexit and Trump; the racist origins of ‘cakewalk’ and ‘Grandfather Clause’; Steve Bannon’s nationalism November 30, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — God Save The Queen: Josie Long, here from England to help us conquer Brexit and Trump, is in studio. Guest Host Sharron Paul rides again.
  • — A Good Cunt: Josie told a story about Dr. Crippen on Drunk History UK and got so drunk that she called people the c-word as a compliment
  • — Bittersweet: Josie was raised very Christian in the Church of England and used to be bribed with Mars Bars to sing in the choir.
  • — This Is Like A Roller Coaster: A few years ago Josie survived a harrowing car crash which became the catalyst for her to stop treating her life like it’s a work-in-progress
  • — Pain In The Ovaries: Josie suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome
  • — Josie Vs. Wild: Josie spent 10 days on Bear Grylls’s island for charity, where she survived on coconuts and a crab she had to kill herself, which helped her become (mostly) vegetarian
  • — Something Better: Josie sees a lot of parallels between Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, like the campaigns of misinformation they both utilized to trick the uninformed masses and the nationalism they both represent
  • — It’s Not Supposed To Be A Documentary: Josie is currently working on a film about a fascist takeover of Scotland, a premise that became decidedly less fanciful after Brexit happened
  • — That Takes The Cake: Keith explains the sinister origins of ‘cakewalk’ and ‘Grandfather Clause'
  • — This Week In Trump: Ivanka Trump wished her 8-month-old son a happy birthday on Twitter. Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s top adviser, hates Jews, believes in genetic superiority, and doesn’t think most black people should be able vote.
  • — Life Imitates Art: Josie fell in love with her new boyfriend after writing a play with him about falling in love

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