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Comedian and coma survivor who hosts Chicago's experimental sketch and stand-up show Everything Is Comedy
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KATG 2535: Sleep No More

with Dave Maher – Passing out in front of pals; Dave’s diabetic coma and Facebook eulogies; Trump’s Person of the Year grievance and Kid Rock’s Trump-inspired t-shirts; Cindy Brady’s homophobia; Comet Ping Pong update and copycat crimes; Mick Jagger has 8th child and Chet Haze announces he’s a dad; Bob Dylan doesn’t show up to accept his Nobel Prize December 15, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — How About That?: Dave Maher, who was in a coma for a month, is in studio
  • — Human Jenga: Before his coma, Dave was an alcoholic who was known for falling asleep at any gathering
  • — Cash4Scrips: Dave’s diabetic coma, which led doctors to tell his family that Dave was ‘the sickest man in Chicago,’ was only broken by the sweet sounds of Drake just before his parents were about to pull the plug
  • — Pillow Talk: Dave and Chemda compare their post-operation freak outs
  • — He Meant Well: Dave discusses the Facebook eulogies his friends left him when they thought he was a goner, and the rekindling of his relationship with a woman he stopped seeing shortly before the coma
  • — Dumbfuckistan: Donald Trump aired his grievances with Time Magazine calling him Person of the Year because it used to be known as Man of the Year. Kid Rock introduced his new Donald Trump-inspired line of clothing. Chemda voices her feelings of frustration and helplessness with each Trump news development.
  • — The Hatey Bunch: Susan Olsen, best known as Cindy Brady, was fired from her radio show after going off on a homophobic Facebook rant
  • — Lesson Learned: The Comet Ping Pong shooter regrets how he handled the situation, admitting that his ‘intel was not 100%.’ A pizza restaurant in Bushwick received copycat death threats.
  • — Daddy Issues: Mick Jagger, 73, welcomed his 8th child into the world. Chet Haze is also a father.
  • — He’s No Buckcherry: Bob Dylan didn’t perform at the Nobel Prize Award ceremony after all


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