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Alingon Mitra

Comedian and writer who has appeared on Conan, Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
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KATG 2555: Alternative Facts

with Alingon Mitra – Chemda is sick; enduring racism; Alingon’s Harvard degrees; Trump’s inauguration numbers and his response to accurate reporting; does Donald Trump like having haters?; Maine governor's constant racism; The Million Women March; punching Nazis January 24, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Did You Go To The Doctor?: Alingon Mitra is in studio with Chemda and her scratchy sick voice
  • — Alcoholic Math: Alingon usually doesn’t drink that much but when he does drink, he always drinks too much
  • — Just Give Him A Chance: The gang discusses trying to adjust to a President Donald Trump world. Alingon talks about some of the racism he’s endured recently and over the years.
  • — Multi-Hyphenate: Alingon has degrees from Harvard in psychology and economics and, even though he does stand-up comedy for a living, this never bothered his parents
  • — Alternative Numbers: 250,000 people attended Donald Trump’s inauguration – substantially less than attended either of Barack Obama’s inaugurations – while Trump reported it as the biggest attendance of all time
  • — Hunkered Down: Keith and Chemda debate Alingon about how much Donald Trump likes having haters
  • — A Governor Of A State: Maine’s governor John LePage called on John Lewis to thank white politicians for making civil rights happen in between a litany of other racist remarks
  • — I Do Nazi The Problem: Danny Hatch joins the show to give the man's perspective on the Women's March in Washington, D.C. The gang argues about whether or not it's okay to punch Nazis.


Alingon MitraAlingon Mitra

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