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Flavor 26: The Unofficial Expert Episode 4

So think you're smarter than a comedian? Marie Faustin & Sydnee Washington want you to prove it. Separately Marie & Sydnee are comedians from NYC but together they are the comedy duo, S&M. Join them every week as they talk to, throw shade and roast fellow comics, friends and family members who think they're experts at the most random things in the world. Each episode ends with a quiz that S&M makes up on the spot. What does the winner get? The title of Unofficial Expert in something that literally, only they care about. REGGIE CONQUEST: The Friendzone is a real place & Reggie has lived there his entire life. He's helping chicks move furniture & playing house with his high school crush. Is it possible to get out of the friendzone? Reggie's track record says HELL NO. He's our Friendzone Expert & gives advice on how to force your way out of there...without ending up on an episode of Law & Order SVU. February 3, 2017

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