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Comedian best known for their half hour special 'Cold Brew'.
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KATG 2570: The Ex-Files

with Katharine Heller and Jes Tom – Chemda and the viral Burger King cheater story; relationships and break-ups; sexual workshops; gender-neutral pronouns; racist and sexist TV and movie characters February 14, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — That Lady From The Geico Commercial: Katharine Heller and Jes Tom are in studio
  • — Cheater Cheater Burger King Eater: Chemda was included in a fake Instagram account in a viral story about a man being busted for cheating on Burger King’s Instagram
  • — Relationships Are Hard: The gang discusses relationships, break-ups, and Jes’s latest special about their recent heartbreak
  • — Let’s Workshop It: Jes describes her sexual workshops
  • — They/Them: Jes explains their decision to change their pronouns
  • — Born This Way: Lady Gaga used the racial slurs ‘chola’ and ‘orient’ in her song about self-acceptance. The gang discusses overtly racist and sexist characters in TV and movies that you otherwise root for.

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