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Evan Forde Barden

Improviser and sketch comedian. Host of the podcast and live show 'Repeater'.
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KATG 2573: Chew on This

with Evan Forde Barden – Valentine’s Day; licorice lowers children’s IQs; turning in your friends and getting stuck in chimneys; banned on Twitter; Shia LaBeouf’s retired art installation; Floridian tries to save bald eagle from predatory alligator; millionaire complains she became too rich too young; Hugh Hefner’s son reintroducing nudity to Playboy; Evan’s dead mother February 17, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — The Improv: Member of the improv team Bodywork, Evan Forde Barden is in studio
  • — You Are Alone Day: The gang discusses Valentine’s Day and its ramifications
  • — Crack, Cigarettes, And Licorice: Studies have shown that licorice has been linked to lower IQs in children
  • — Idiot Criminal Round Up: A Connecticut man that stole snacks from a Stop & Shop to bring to a Super Bowl party was turned in by a party goer. An L.A. man was arrested for the 77th time for breaking and entering and getting stuck in the chimney.
  • — #GoFuckYourself: Evan got suspended from Twitter for 12 hours for telling Donald Trump to go fuck himself
  • — Make Racists Scared Again: Shia LaBeouf's anti-Trump art project was shut down by a museum because it was too volatile. The gang discusses wearing clothing with political statements in public.
  • — An American Treasure: A Florida man risked his life to save a bald eagle from the jaws of an alligator because he ‘couldn’t watch America’s symbol die’
  • — Too Rich Too Young: A British woman who won $1,250,000 in the lottery at 17 is complaining it ruined her life
  • — For The Articles: Hugh Hefner's son is putting nudity back into Playboy in an effort to make the print magazine relevant again
  • — That’s A Twist: Evan’s mom died in a car crash on the family’s drive to take him to college

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