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Yamaneika Saunders

Comedian featured on Last Comic Standing, Funny Girls on Oxygen and Roast Battle on Comedy Central.
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KATG 2575: Cheetos, Doritos, Mojitos, Burritos

with Yamaneika Saunders – Roast battles; cleansing; sex and religion; Yamaneika’s Wack Pack; Family Ties’s Brian Bonsall has a rapist impersonator; Harrison Ford’s ongoing flying accidents February 22, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Everybody's Dick Is Hard For Me: Yamaneika Saunders, who doesn’t take shit from nobody, is in studio
  • — Roast Battle Research: Yamaneika explains the work that goes into preparing for a roast battle
  • — #NoDick2017: Yamaneika is doing a year of celibacy to cleanse herself of bad men and bad habits
  • — Virgin Club: Yamaneika was a virgin until she was 27 due to her religious upbringing
  • — Little People, Big Girl: A little person told Yamaneika that he wasn’t into her because she was overweight, so she hooked him up with a woman that had cerebral palsy
  • — He Only Raped Her: A man impersonating Family Ties actor Brian Bonsall is raping woman by meeting them in chat rooms and convincing them to let him move into their house
  • — Chewbacca Is A Better Pilot: Harrison Ford almost plowed into a packed jet, marking at least his 4th flying accident

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