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Siobhan O'Loughlin

Performance artist and playwright most known for her one-woman play Broken Bone Bathtub which she performs in various residential bathrooms around the world.
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KATG 2589: In Da Tub

with Siobhan O'Loughlin — Broken Bone Bathtub; Chemda vs. a homeless man; Get Out revisited and Kong: Skull Island reviewed; KATG Polls; Keith at karaoke March 14, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Broken Bone Bathtub: Siobhan O'Loughlin, creator and star of the notorious bathtub show, is in studio
  • — Behind The Bubbles: Chemda talks about being an audience member at Siobhan’s show, and Siobhan talks the varying experiences she’s had with audience members and baths around the world
  • — Chemda’s Claw Foot Tub: Chemda is hosting the next bathtub show at her and Hennessy's apartment. (UPDATE: It's sold out.)
  • — Leftover Letdown: Chemda gave her leftover Anniversary Lunch to a homeless man, and, next thing you know, neither of them had any lunch
  • — Probably Not On The White People’s Side: Everyone loves the socially relevant horror movie Get Out
  • — UH OH!: Keith reviews Kong: Skull Island
  • — KATG Polls: 50% of the audience enjoys regular colored crayons, 39% of the audience prefers the handshake as a way of greeting people, and 71% of the audience prefers Star Trek: The Next Generation over Cheers
  • — My Moment To Shine: There will be live karaoke at Keith’s annual stand-up extravaganza. Keith recounts his experience singing karaoke with people who are great singers.

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