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Bowen Yang

Comedian and host of the Las Culturistas podcast. He has been featured on Broad City and The Outs and was named one of Comedy Central's "Comics to Watch".
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KATG 2745: Golden Gay

with Bowen Yang – The code-switching of naturalized Americans; Jackie Chan vs. Chuck Norris; the Chinese language; golden vs. platinum gays; artist/fan relationships October 30, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Breakout Star: Bowen Yang, who was here right after Chemda got out of jail, is in studio
  • — What Kind Of Asian Are You?: Chemda and Bowen discuss code-switching in public as naturalized Americans with immigrant parents
  • — Our Representatives: Keith and Bowen discuss the nuances of Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris
  • — The Chinese Font: Bowen tries to explain how the Chinese language works
  • — Golden And Delicious: Bowen explains the difference between golden and platinum homosexuals
  • — Rice Queen: Bowen had a fan of his podcast, who has an Asian fetish, visit NYC and try to hook up with him


Bowen YangBowen Yang

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