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Richie Tolway

Comedian and co host of the What's Your Problem podcast with Justy Dodge. Also Myka Fox's boyfriend and probably soon to be husband.
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KATG 2651: Hoo-Ha

Brandon Scott Wolf and Richie Tolway – Hearses; Adam West dies; Keith’s sick days; an update on the dinged car situation; amateur wrestling competitions June 13, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Hoo-Ha In The Hearse: Brandon Scott Wolf and Richie Tolway join Keith and Chemda to discuss life owning a hearse
  • — Batman Beyond: Actor Adam West has died
  • — Pulled Pork In Blood: Keith details his gastrointestinal health issues
  • — So Sweet: Chemda gives an update on the situation with Hennessy and the dinged car. The gang send Hennessy some tough love.
  • — This Ring Is Unsafe: Brandon went to a Tier 1 wrestling event in Brooklyn. The conditions were horrid and dangerous.

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