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Halle Kiefer

Comedian and writer for Vulture and TruTv. Her work has been featured on MTV's Hey Girl, Rolling Stone and Vh1.
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KATG 2602: Mmm I Like That

with Halle Kiefer – Restaurants with poor health conditions: do we care?; your personal dating bar; weight loss hypnotism; Silence of The Lambs’ ‘fat’ victims; My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney Thore dates her cousin; Gilbert Grape’s mom dies; Boston’s drummer dies while performing on a cruise ship; The Gong Show host and The Dating Game creator Chuck Barris dies; Scarface made Michelle Pfeiffer sad; Trump voter’s husband gets deported; Mike Pence won’t eat alone with women and other odd sexual taboos; illegal Grabher license plate March 31, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Not Picky: Halle Kiefer, who wouldn’t necessarily be turned off by a roach in her food, is in studio
  • — Date Bar: Halle has a specific bar that she takes dates to
  • — She Played Me: Halle’s mother tricked her into going to a hypnotist for weight loss. Halle fell asleep during the session.
  • — Did She Fit In The Well?: Halle became self-conscious about her weight after watching The Silence of the Lambs because everybody in the movie made such a big deal about the kidnapped victims being sooo overweight
  • — Kissing Cousins: Whitney Thore, the star of the reality show My Big Fat Fabulous Life, (supposedly) found out that she was dating her second cousin
  • — Death Clock: Darlene Cates, known for playing the mother in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, has died at age 69. Sib Hashian, the original drummer from the band Boston, died while performing on a cruise ship at age 67.
  • — Slippery When Wet: Chuck Barris, the creator of The Gong Show, The Newlywed Game, and most notably The Dating Game, has died.
  • — Method Acting: Michelle Pfeiffer has reported that she would go home crying when shooting the movie Scarface because Al Pacino’s character was so dismissive to her character
  • — What Did You Think Would Happen?: A woman who voted for Trump was shocked when her Mexican husband was locked up to be deported
  • — Cuck Snowflake: Mike Pence never eats alone with a woman other than his wife, and he won’t attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side. The gang discusses various repressed religious groups and their fear of sexy women, gay people, and Smurfs.


Halle KieferHalle Kiefer

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