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Kevin McDonald

Actor, improviser and comedian. Best known for being a member of The Kids in the Hall. He was the voice of Pleakley in Lilo & Stitch and played the character of Pastor Dave in That 70s Show.
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KATG 2608: Kevin in the Hall

with Kevin McDonald – The Kids in the Hall – the origin, the sad stories turned into sketches, and the lack of females; KATG marathon planning April 9, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Yes, And: The polite Canadian improviser from The Kids in the Hall, Kevin McDonald, is in studio
  • — Eh-citing: Kevin tells the story of the formation of The Kids in the Hall as well as the true story behind the origin of the name
  • — It’s Bad-ish: Kevin suffers from claustrophobia and hypochondria
  • — Funny To Sad: Kevin’s father was an alcoholic, and both his parents died of brain aneurysms
  • — You Can Make That A Sketch: Kevin recounts the sad stories in his life that were used as a source for sketches on The Kids in the Hall
  • — He’s A Lady: The gang discusses the lack of females playing female roles in The Kids in the Hall sketches
  • — See You At 3: Libby comes on the show to discuss the booking debacles regarding the upcoming podcast marathon

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