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Grant Lindahl

Comedian and artist.The host of the live show and podcast Art School Acid Dropout.
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KATG 2615: Acid Attack

with Grant Lindahl – 4/20 and acid; Record Store Day; cryotherapy; Keith’s custom drinks; KATG poll results: animal sex and piss play; North Korea’s amazing missile program; Aaron Hernandez’s suicide; Todd Heaps runs over his 3-year-old daughter; Bill O’Reilly fired from Fox News; Uber suicide April 23, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — You’ve Got Mail: A new listener comments on Keith and The Girl
  • — Acid Attack: Grant Lindahl, who used to be straight edge but is now The King of Acid, is in studio
  • — This Is Your Dick On Drugs: The gang discusses 4/20 celebrations, and Keith masturbated on a weed gummy bear
  • — Not Cool Enough For My Own Record: Chemda recounts her journey through several record stores to get a copy of the Conjure One album on vinyl
  • — An Apple And A Look: Keith did cryotherapy with his wife
  • — Dick Head: Grant held a competition online for people to submit a tattoo design that he later had inked on his body onstage
  • — Orange Fuck You: The custom drinks that Keith and Chemda requested to be served at the venue on April 15th became a to-do
  • — Beating/Fucking A Dead Horse: 54% of the audience is on Chemda’s side with regards to humans having sex with animals being on par with humans eating animals
  • — We Can’t Let Trump Take Piss From Us: 30% of the audience would be open to piss play compared to last year's poll where 44% of the audience was open to it
  • — I Want My Like Back: Keith commented on a listener's Facebook status, the person then deleted Keith’s comments and blocked him, but he still kept Keith’s LIKE which Keith can’t take back
  • — Great Job North Korea: Keith doesn’t think the media should be mocking North Korea’s missile tests
  • — John 3:16: Football star Aaron Hernandez committed suicide by hanging himself in prison. He left a letter behind for his gay partner.
  • — A Heap Of Trouble: Football player Todd Heaps accidentally ran over his 3-year-old daughter with his car
  • — A Cool Twenty Five Million: It is reported that Bill O’Reilly could get up to a $25,000,000 severance package since his firing at Fox News for sexual harassment
  • — Uber Overshare: Keith shared an Uber Pool with a woman who promised over the phone that she won’t commit suicide


Grant LindahlGrant Lindahl

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