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Jim Tews

Comedian and writer. The creator of the New York Times Bestseller Felines of New York. He made his stand-up television debut on Last Comic Standing.
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KATG 2617: Greg Weighs In

with Jim Tews – How to sext; band bus sex; the Coast Guard; school clothing; Keith’s new online nemesis; how to get out of a DUI; whippits; comedy festivals April 25, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — My Dearest Petunia: Jim Tews and the gang talk about the etiquette behind sexting and how to respond when you are busy during the day
  • — Party Island Vibe: Jim was in band in high school, but he missed out on the band bus fooling around
  • — Cleaning The Oil Off The Seals: Jim recounts his time in the Coast Guard and how it wasn’t the stuff of commercials
  • — Blue Suede Shoes: The gang bonds over their parents making them wear goofy clothing to school
  • — Clear Your Name Like You Clear A Plate: Keith reads the back and forth with his new online nemesis Greg Jarnigan
  • — Worth A Shot: A drunk Chinese man tried to evade the police by eating grass to mask the alcohol, and an American man tried to eat the crotch part of his underwear to trick the breathalyzer. An Ohio man attempted to eat all of the weed he had on him in order to hide the evidence when pulled over by the police
  • — Whippets and Whipped Cream: A Woman inhales nitrous oxide in front of an officer while being arrested for carrying a gun. Keith reminisces on when he used to do whippets.
  • — Sad Faces of Montreal: Jim recounts his terrible experience at a major comedy festival


Jim TewsJim Tews

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