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Samantha Ruddy

Stand up comedian, and was listed in Brooklyn Magazine as one of Brooklyn's 50 Funniest People. She has been featured at national comedy festivals like New York Comedy Festival, San Francisco Sketchfest, and Limestone Comedy Festival.
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KATG 2951: Presidential Alert w/ Samantha Ruddy

Late night stand-up tapings; dating an older person; Ruby Rose plays openly gay Batwoman; woman wins Nobel Prize; Chemda and Samantha's tattoos; KATG Poll Results; man ruins his vision with liquid Viagra; Archbishop Robert Carlson covers up pedophilia; FEMA's Presidential Alert October 4, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Superstar: Samantha Ruddy is in studio discussing her recent Stephen Colbert late night taping. Will it air?
  • — Just A Number/Tegan And Sarah: Samantha is in an open relationship with a woman... that's older
  • — Dangerous: Actress Ruby Rose will be starring in Batwoman as the first openly gay superhero. Also, she is so hot that she attracts the most viruses to your computer than any celebrity.
  • — One For The Gals: For just the 3rd time in 117 years a woman won the Nobel Prize in Physics
  • — Getting Inked: It's the 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Chemda’s surgery. Chemda defines her new tattoo.
  • — The Great Divide: Samantha weighs in on The Annual Throwing Out Your Tent Debate
  • — The Results Are In: 50% of listeners think they are good at sexting; 13% have done cocaine under the age of 18; 7.8% of listeners with penises would participate in sounding; 85% think Brett Kavanaugh will be appointed to the Supreme Court
  • — Put On The Red Light: A 31-year-old man was left with red-tinted vision after taking a large dosage of sildenafil citrate (liquid Viagra)
  • — Act Of Contrition: St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson testified that he wasn’t sure if sex with children was a crime in the '70s, '80s, or like ever. Oh, I stand corrected. He just found out just now.
  • — Big Brother: Everybody was grossed out to receive their first text from FEMA that read Presidential Alert

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