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Joe Berkowitz

Author and pun-expert. Co-author of the book 'You Blew It!' with Josh Gondelman and author of the book 'Away With Words'.
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KATG 2634: Pun Intended

with Joe Berkowitz – Accidentally sending an email about someone to them; Away with Words; sologomy; writers’ depression; cancelling White House press briefings; latest on the homeless internet café stabber; cops can’t break up your parties; the New York Post’s puns explained; comedian sues Conan O’Brien for joke thievery May 18, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Did I Write That?: Joe Berkowitz, who doesn’t recognize his own writing when it’s read back to him, is in studio
  • — Reply All: The gang talks about accidentally sending emails about a person who annoys you to them
  • — Not Your Father’s Pun Book: Joe talks about his newest pun book titled Away with Words based off of various pun competitions and shows he has gone too
  • — Will You Marry Me, Me?: A Brooklyn woman married herself. She is part of a new craze called sologomy.
  • — Get Out Of Bed: The gang discusses writers and their depression
  • — Solipsism: Donald Trump is threatening to cancel White House press briefings because they are too hostile for him and Sean Spicer
  • — Unfunny Comedy Of Errors: The gang discusses the further developments in the internet cafe stabbing story
  • — This New Progressive City: A new law just passed that does not allow NYC police to enter a loud party to break it up
  • — Enjoy Your Footlong In Jail: For his book, Joe interviewed writers at the New York Post, and he explains their process for coming up with (inappropriate) puns
  • — Court Jester: Conan O'Brien is being sued by a comedian over joke thievery


Joe BerkowitzJoe Berkowitz

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