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Liam McEneaney

Stand-up comedian and producer of Tell Your Friends: The Concert Film.
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KATG 2221: To Tell the Truth

with Liam McEneaney and Peggy O’Leary – Birthdays; gastric bypass; Last Comic Standing and reality competition shows; trouble sleeping; Jared Fogle, at age 31, paid for sex with a 16-year-old; an 18-year-old has oral sex with her dog; Jon Stewart charges $1,000,000 for ads; the high school diploma whistleblower August 4, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Liam McEneaney and Peggy O’Leary, both very excited for KATG’s upcoming tour, are in studio
  • — This Is 38: Liam just celebrated a birthday, and he honestly feels super chill about it
  • — Thank You, Forgiven: Liam was late to the show today
  • — Weighing In: Peggy had gastric bypass when she was 20 and couldn’t process meat for 3 years, so she temporarily became a vegetarian. Liam has started bingeing on caffeine since cutting down on sugars.
  • — Ha Ha’s Who’s Whos: Keith is hitting the brakes just 30 minutes into this season of Last Comic Standing, but Liam is watching to stay current on comedy’s biggest names. Chemda takes a stand against reality competition shows.
  • — The Killing Joke: Peggy has trouble sleeping because she’s stressed about her finances and career, not because she’s obsessed with serial killers and death. Liam listens to comedy albums to fall asleep.
  • — $100 Meatball 6-incher: According to texts he sent to a teenage Subway employee while pressuring her to sell her body on Craigslist, a 31-year-old Jared Fogle had ‘amazing’ sex with a 16-year-old girl for $100
  • — 2-Face Fun: An 18-year-old was arrested after police found multiple photos on her phone of her pit bull performing oral sex on her
  • — Money Talks: Jon Stewart is charging $250,000 per ad (at a minimum of 4 ads) during his last Daily Show broadcast. A television director known for his work on Rescue Me and Law & Order was found in possession of child pornography.
  • — The Graduate: An 18-year-old is complaining about being passed by an NYC high school because she claims her horrible attendance and performance shouldn't have earned her a diploma. Chemda sees a whistleblowing hero, but Keith and Liam despise her attitude.

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