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Cate Weinberg

Comedian, writer and actress creator of Dive Bar Series contributor to Someecards.
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KATG 2639: The Donald Trump/Billy Bush Sex Tape

with Cate Weinberg – Single vs. dating life; navigating with an STD; Billy Bush ‘s half apology and the Donald Trump pussy tape dissected; Trump visits Israel; Keith’s angry internet pals; Top Gun 2; Alien: Covenant reviewed May 25, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Sex In The City: Cate Weinberg, who has a lot of material on being a single woman, is in studio
  • — Need A New Tape: Cate is in a relationship after 4 years of being single. She talks about love and navigating the dating world with an STD.
  • — Athlete Billy Bush: Billy Bush is trying to get back on TV with half apologies and a bizarre video of him singing on Instagram. The gang dissects the Billy Bush/Donald Trump tape that got him fired.
  • — Nobody Does The Holocaust Like The Donald: Donald Trump visited the Wailing Wall and wrote an extremely unimpressive note at Israel’s Holocaust museum
  • — Internet Double Kiss: Keith and Chemda explain the psychotic personality by listeners who try to be Keith’s friend with anger and threats. Cate shares her creepy troll experiences.
  • — The Scotts: The group discusses the just announced Top Gun 2, and Keith reviews Alien: Covenant


Cate WeinbergCate Weinberg

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