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Julia Solomon

Comedian and skin care expert. Was featured in the Cape Fear Comedy Festival and Chicago Women's Funny Festival.
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KATG 2691: Cool Down

with Anthony DeVito and Julia Solomon – Relationship dynamics; rage issues and how to stay on top of your medication; Dave Chappelle’s no phone rule; Julia’s love of skin care; performing high; Chemda’s tumor anniversary; cancer survivor dies hiking; your boyfriend’s clothes; black market butt injections August 10, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Moving In: Anthony DeVito and Julia Solomon, who will soon be moving in together, are in studio
  • — CC Me On All Emails: Julia and Anthony discuss their relationship dynamics
  • — Chill: Julia discusses her rage issues, and the gang discusses how Anthony’s anger manifests
  • — I’ll Take Your Pill For You: Julia discusses the medications she has to keep track of, and the group talks about how to stay on top of your pills
  • — Coat Check For Phones: Dave Chappelle requires that audience members don’t have access to their phones during his performances
  • — Influencer With No Followers: Julia is obsessed with skin care products
  • — I’m So High, I Gotta Go: Julia performed comedy on a cruise ship with Anthony and left the stage after 2 minutes because she was soooo high
  • — Happy Tumor Anniversary: Today is the anniversary of Chemda finding out she had a tumor
  • — Take A Hike: Greg Auriemma, 63, went hiking to celebrate the amazing strides he'd made in his battle with cancer. He was found dead in the woods.
  • — Neighborhood Shoes: Julia is excited to move in with Anthony so that she can fix the way he dresses
  • — Darwinism?: Latesha Bynum got a black market butt injection in a Manhattan apartment and wound up died of brain damage from the ‘procedure’

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