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Michelle Collins

Comedian and host of FreshBatchPod. Previously a co-host on The View and Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise.
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KATG 2659: Back to Reality

with Michelle Collins – The View; actors and their personal lives; the Cosby mistrial; Bachelor in Paradise controversy; The Handmaid’s Tale’s sex scenes; dating a tall woman; silent but angry; Star Trek conundrums; being a trophy wife June 25, 2017

Show Notes

  • — A Great Way To Kick Things Off: Michelle Collins, who was a host on The View, is in studio
  • — Squeaky Clean: The gang talks about Hollywood actors and how their personal lives affect how they are perceived on screen
  • — Arrested Development: The gang discusses the Cosby mistrial and the members of the jury
  • — Consent Or Not Consent: Michelle gives her (nothing) perspective on the recent rape allegations on Bachelor in Paradise
  • — The Best Show Out There: Michelle talks about some of her favorite TV shows including Hoarders and My 600-lb Life. She shares her love of The Handmaid’s Tale’s sex scenes.
  • — Banging Into Shit: Michelle talks about being a tall woman and her dating history
  • — Sweet Emotion: Chemda talks about how Keith does not vocalize when he is upset
  • — I’m Sorry I’m Not Following: Chemda talks about a Star Trek episode where adults are transformed into children that still have their adult brains
  • — Trophy Wife: Michelle was taught by her mother that being a trophy wife is a positive thing

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