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KATG 179: Fuck the Family Friday

Crazy. White. People. November 25, 2005

Show Notes

  • — I Am For Real: Fumi, a not-pretend black person, is in studio
  • — One Of Our Most Successful Friends: Fumi works as a financial advisor, which she very much enjoys
  • — Guess The Racist: Fumi educates white listeners (and Keith) about black people and how not to treat them
  • — Crazy White People: Keith used to make out with the mannequin heads his hairdresser mother brought home from work
  • — Slippery When Wet: Chemda accidentally had sex at 17 when her pussy got so lubed up that his penis accidentally just slid on in
  • — I Figured: In high school, Chemda had to tell Fumi that her parents blacklisted her from their house because she was black
  • — Wax Off: Pat Morita, best known as The Karate Kid's Mr. Miyagi and as the husband of a much younger wife, died
  • — Can You Dig It?: Keith will not be celebrating the holidays with his family, because he hates his dad



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