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Maggie Maye

Comedian featured on Conan and Last Call with Carson Daly.
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KATG 2666: Push It Real Good

With Maggie Maye – Being surrounded by white people; being stuck with the Confederate flag; The Verraz(z)ano Bridge; virtually homeless; helping people out of the closet; Ryan Seacrest demands Executive Producer credit; gay ex-NFL player; Google scans your email; Cosby loses another fake degree; Johnny Depp apologizes; paying it forward; asexuality July 6, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: Maggie Maye, who is a new guest and just heard about Andrea roasting bad guests, is in studio
  • — I Ask All The Black Guests This: Keith asks Maggie what it’s like growing up surrounded by white people
  • — Burn It Down: A South Carolina restaurant owner has filed a zoning complaint about a Confederate flag that continues to fly outside his eatery at a prominent intersection
  • — Verrazano With Two Zs: The Verrazano Bridge is named for explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano. New yorkers are petitioning to correct the spelling error to the tune of $4,000,000.
  • — Just Like Home: Prominent Australians were criticized after using virtual reality to recreate the experience of being homeless
  • — God Hates Gays: Maggie discusses what it was like to go to a religious college that doesn’t condone homosexuality
  • — Lucky Lucky Vanilla Ice Cream Cone: Ryan Seacrest is holding out on a $15,000,000 contract to host American Idol because he wants the title of Executive Producer
  • — Come Out First: Former Patriots’ offensive lineman Ryan O'Callaghan came out as gay
  • — I Got Shoes For Sale: Google has announced they will stop scanning through their users' emails for selective advertising purposes
  • — Honorary Degree In Rape: Despite Cosby not being found guilty, the University of Missouri stripped Bill Cosby of his honorary degree
  • — Look How Many Scarves I Have: Johnny Depp has apologized about his Death to Trump joke(?)
  • — No Thank YOU: The gang talks about the practice of pressuring people to ‘pay it forward’ and shaming people into donating to charities
  • — A+sexual: The group figures out Maggie’s sexuality


Maggie MayeMaggie Maye

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