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Kath and Jan

The co-hosts of In The Service Podcast, a show about the good, the bad and the ugly of working in the service industry.
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KATG 2673: In the Service

with Kath and Jan – Robots invent their own secret language; Donald Trump’s tweets and Chris Christie’s beach closing; starting as a lawyer; working in the restaurant industry: horror stories, sexism, sneaking food, Yelp reviews, and food selfies; woman sues restaurant over their mechanical bull and her drunkenness July 17, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Incognito Mode: Kath and Jan, the hosts of In The Service, a podcast about working in the restaurant industry, are in the studio and in disguise
  • — HUAR: A.I. robots have taught themselves a language that humans can’t understand
  • — Point And Laugh At Their Dicks: Donald Trump posted an idiotic WWE meme from his personal and presidential Twitter accounts. NJ Governor Chris Christie closes a public beach while enjoying it himself.
  • — Service With A Smile: The gang talks about their terrible experiences working in the service industry, from sexism and food sneaking to Yelp reviews and food selfies
  • — Lawyer By Day, Bartender By Night: Kath talks about her experiences working both day and night jobs
  • — Overserved: A woman is suing the bar Johnny Utah's after staff let her ride their mechanical bull while visibly drunk


Kath and JanKath and Jan

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