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Jared Freid

Comedian and host of the Jtrain podcast.
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KATG 2834: The Toothbrush w/ Jared Freid

The early stages of hooking up; Jared’s controversial tweets and his view on privilege; mentally handicapped visual artists; Holy Week explained; Paul, Apostle of Christ and I Can Only Imagine; relationships with your parents March 25, 2018

Show Notes

  • — And We’re Off: We have the funny and forthright Jared Freid in studio
  • — Hitting Doubles: The gang talks sex lives and the early stages of hooking up
  • — Privilege Wars: Jared discusses his controversial tweets and the recent fight he had with a friend about his views on privilege
  • — The Best Art: Jared recounts having to tiptoe around commenting on a piece of art done by a mentally handicapped person
  • — Holy Week: Keith explains Holy Week from Palm Sunday to The Resurrection. Chemda and Jared reminisce on Jewish holidays with their families.
  • — Going Full Bible: Keith recounts his recent conversations with his father about religion, and they discuss the new religious films Paul, Apostle of Christ and I Can Only Imagine
  • — Knowing Glances: The gang discusses their relationships with their parents and how honest they are in conversations


Jared FreidJared Freid

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