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Norlex Belma

Comedian and producer of the stand-up show Lexfest.
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KATG 2846: Fux with This w/ Norlex Belma

Child prodigies; Chemda’s recent bullying incident; fat-shamed woman decides to buy all of a bakery’s cupcakes; Netflix and chillin’; teachers; social media tagging and the person you’re dating; Sex and the City co-stars react to Cynthia Nixon running for Governor; the fear of the country; Beauvais, France’s mayor’s shocking April Fools’ prank April 11, 2018

Show Notes

  • — We Fux With Him: Guest Norlex Belma reviews his status as a child prodigy
  • — Brooklyn Bullies: Chemda got bullied by a group of guys outside of a taco truck
  • — Sweet Revenge: Vega Blossom, an Indiana woman, was fat-shamed by a fellow customer in a bakery who said, “Let’s hope this fat bitch doesn’t buy all of the cupcakes.” Vega then decided to buy all of the cupcakes.
  • — A Netflix Fifteen: Norlex hooked up with a girl with a Cedric the Entertainer comedy special playing in the background
  • — Mamma’s Boy: Norlex’s mother and girlfriend are teachers
  • — Official On Social Media: The gang discusses how posting and tagging photos with a partner shows relationship commitment
  • — Clap Back: Former cast member Sarah Jessica Parker publicly showed her support for Cynthia Nixon and her political campaign, while Kim Cattrall publicly showed indifference
  • — Country Mouse: Norlex and Chemda discuss their fear of being outside the city
  • — Gotcha!: Mayor Caroline Cayeux received backlash from the residents of Beauvais, France after she played an April Fools’ prank and announced that an IKEA would open in that town creating 4,000 jobs


Norlex BelmaNorlex Belma

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