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Greg Fitzsimmons

Comedian and writer. The host of the Greg Fitzsimmons Show on Sirius XM Howard 101.
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KATG 2682: Fact-Checking

with Greg Fitzsimmons – Fitzdog; balding and barbers; HBO’s Crashing; factory towns; subway seat sharing; how to kill yourself; alcoholic and abusive family members; male body issues; testing your gayness; bar brawls and jail; Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington’s suicide; Landmark July 30, 2017

Show Notes

  • — A Decorated Veteran: Greg Fitzsimmons, aka FITZDOG, is in studio
  • — Bald and Beautiful: Greg and Keith bond on their experiences being bald and going to the barbershop
  • — Crashing In NY: Greg is staying in NYC for a few months to write for season 2 of HBO’s Crashing
  • — Make Factories Great Again: Greg grew up in Tarrytown, NY, and he talks about the dark side of growing up in a factory town
  • — You’ll Never Get A Seat With Those Tits: Greg isn’t sure who he should and shouldn’t give his seat up to on the subway
  • — Suicide Watch: If Greg committed suicide he would run his car off of the road
  • — Daddy Dearest: Greg discusses his rocky relationship with his alcoholic, abusive, and now deceased father
  • — Street Clothes: Greg discusses his struggle with body image issues
  • — Good At Being High: Greg discusses his sobriety from alcohol as well as his pot-smoking habits
  • — Jerk Me Off Like You’re Not Plunging A Toilet: Greg recounts his gay experience in the woods of Boston
  • — Irish Lives Matter: Greg has been arrested multiple times for being involved in bar brawls, and he talks about anger management classes
  • — Copy Cat Effect: Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington committed suicide at age 41
  • — Landmark: Keith is going to participate in an intense self-improvement program

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