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Eric Anderson

The brilliant mind behind The Dimitri Lip-Synching Tapes.
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KATG 758: Head of the Class

Fuck you, England. I didn't forget. July 2, 2008

Show Notes

  • — Adam meets Tila Tequila
  • — Eric Anderson's whole fucking life
  • — Dimitri the Stud: a fantastic piece of shit
  • — Chemda keeps herself single and fucks around
  • — Where's the pool in Israel?
  • — Keith goes to Israel
  • — Girls are stupid!
  • — 905 Keeps Your Cock Alive
  • — Dimitri the Lover consensually half-rapes his doctor's license away and starts a REVOLUTION!; Worship the Kock
  • — KATG Wikipedia is updated, God bless those meticulous Aspies
  • — KATG fans can't lie, C'MAHN!
  • — Some kid crashes the car of his driving test, but still passes! This just in: A dog is surfing!
  • — George Carlin predicts the future of Reality TV, turns out it's shit
  • — Some guy hits his mom with Polish Sausage, not figuratively either!
  • — People like beer!
  • — An old lady crashes into a grocery store then tries to buy a six pack
  • — Man has pants undone in park and is charged with Unlawful Sock on Dick
  • — Doctor makes baby retarded by crushing her skull during birth delivery
  • — Quit opening your fucking stores across the street from one another, Starbucks (should have hired PotatoE)
  • — Brits like to curse
  • — Keith and Chemda are old, dang roller coasters hurt their bodies
  • — Cash in your tits
  • — Kingda Ka roons people
  • — Fat people roon roller coasters
  • — America We Stand as One

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