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This Is Why You're Single

Comedians, podcasters and authors Laura Lane and Angela Spera. Co-hosts of This Is Why You’re Single podcast and authosr of the book inspired by the show.
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KATG 2688: This Is Why You’re Single

with Laura Lane and Angela Spera – Laura’s wedding; dating Ryan Lochte; Lauren’s insensitive pro poker playing brother; dating a deaf person; listener relationship comments and questions August 7, 2017

Show Notes

  • — This Is Why You’re Single: Laura Lane and Angela Spera, from the podcast and book This Is Why You’re Single, are in studio
  • — A Dress And A Half: Laura is married and Angela was her bridesmaid. They recount the full experience from buying the dress before the proposal to the pre-wedding freak-out
  • — Listen To Your Vagina: Laura and Angela recount some of the flings they had including Laura casually banging Olympian Ryan Lochte
  • — Inside Deal: Laura was a poker commentator on ESPN’s Inside Deal. Her professional poker playing brother entered an all-women’s tournament in hopes that it would be easier.
  • — Half The Deaf Man He Is: Angela’s boyfriend is half deaf, and he became jealous when she had a crush on a fully deaf actor
  • — Full Nuclear: Laura and Angela give their input on some listener relationship comments and questions

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