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Dan LaMorte

Comedian best known for his appearance on AXSTVs Gotham Comedy Live and his debut album "Not Enough Pieces".
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KATG 2698: Crashing

with Dan LaMorte – Drug dealing, booze drinking, bipolar disorders, and brain traumas; the total solar eclipse; drugs and Tiger Woods’s system; Neo-Nazis; Rage Against the Machine predicted a Trump presidency; stand-up at gunpoint; camp counselor violence August 21, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Alcohol Poisoning A Few Times: Dan LaMorte, who was sober for 5 months but is off the wagon, is in studio
  • — A Lawyer For Christmas: Dan once tried to sell drugs and was arrested immediately
  • — Off Meds: Dan was institutionalized after his arrest and diagnosed with a bipolar disorder
  • — First Adult Relationship: Dan recently got out of a break-up
  • — Something In Front Of Something: The total solar eclipse, which hasn’t happened in almost 100 years, is happening. Keith can give a shit.
  • — You Made It In A Cellar: Dan’s family is very supportive of his comedy career
  • — All The Drugs: When Tiger Woods was recently arrested in his car, they found Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Xanax, Ambien, and THC in his system
  • — Picking Up A Coolatta: Dan has been in 2 car crashes recently. One was the other driver’s fault because they were drunk, and the other was Dan’s fault because he was bending over to pick up a Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts and not looking at the road. He has a traumatic brain injury from the Coolatta accident.
  • — I’m Not What I Look Like: Dan is a liberal but is often misunderstood because he looks like a conservative white guy
  • — It’s Not Neo-Nazi, It’s Nazi: Keith doesn’t like it when people call racists Neo-Nazis as opposed to the term Nazis
  • — Sleep Now in the Fire: Rage Against the Machine predicted and mocked Donald Trump’s presidential campaign over 15 years ago
  • — Comedy At Gunpoint: Dan recounts his harrowing experiences performing comedy in NYC
  • — I Black It Out: Dan was beat up by a camp counselor with a tennis racket as punishment for bullying


Dan LaMorteDan LaMorte

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