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Raanan Hershberg

Comedian, featured on NBC's Stand Up For Diversity, known for his debut album Self-Helpless.
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KATG 2774: What’s My Name?

with Raanan Hershberg – Ignorance and different times; the value of a name; county fair and jail gigs; changing your name; people thinking you don’t know what they’re saying; the DO NOT RESUSCITATE tattoo controversy December 12, 2017

Show Notes

  • — A Different Time: Raanan Hershberg explains why older people saying they’re ‘from a different time’ is no excuse for ignorance
  • — The Name Whisperer: Chemda can correctly pronounce Raanan’s name, though his family cannot. And neither can he.
  • — Ron From Kentucky: Raanan recounts performing at an unattended county fair and walking prisoners in a jail
  • — What’s In A Name: Both of Chemda’s brothers changed their names to seem more American. Chemda and Raanan talk about their experiences having foreign names.
  • — Comprende?: A server was speaking Spanish and complaining about Chemda in front of her as if there was no possibility that Chemda could understand her. Chemda understood.
  • — Tattoo Lawyer: The gang reads listener responses to the DO NOT RESUSCITATE tattoo controversy

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