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Bianca Brady

Comedian and podcaster. KATG Intern extraordinaire. The host of the podcast Fitless.
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LW 197: Shows 3552 - 3554

My dear Last Week-lings, take a deep breath in. Now, exhale. Ahhhh... Do you feel better? No? Try making an ingratitude list. Do you feel better? No? Move your social media feeds to a new folder on your phone. Do you feel better? No? That's okay. I'm here to validate you. This episode is full of the Bianca takes you know and love. We discuss how to talk to your kids about drugs, what to do when you see a mouse, and spending every holiday at the DMV. I would advise you now to live, laugh, and love, but I don't want to insult your intelligence. xoxo, Bianca June 27, 2022


Bianca BradyBianca Brady
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