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Matt Bachus

Comedian featured at Carolines Comedy Club as a break-out artist. The host of the podcast Hold My Bread.
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KATG 3731: Delighted by Her Way w/ Matt Bachus

Matt Bachus returns to KATG as the gang discusses the latest in TikTok “pranks”, the death of Rocky’s Burt Young, Donna Kelce lackluster appreciation for Taylor Swift, and Sound of Freedom’s Tim Ballard (played by Jim Caviezel) being sued by 5 women for sexual assault and battery. October 19, 2023

Show Notes

  • — Chemda’s grace under pressure
  • — The stock market and sobriety
  • — TikTok pranks
  • — Rocky’s Burt Young dead at age 83
  • — Donna Kelce's lackluster appreciation for Taylor Swift
  • — Sober dating
  • — Tim Ballard, who inspired the human trafficking movie Sound of Freedom, sued by 5 women for sexual assault and battery


Matt BachusMatt Bachus

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