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Jim Search

A comedian, writer, human being and director. Known for writing and directing the play Jessie The Catfish: A Comedy.
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Flavor 59: Daddy-less Issues Episode 4

What is it like to live without a dad? How about without a dad AND a mom? Does a lack of parent's stunt or accelerate an artist's growth? How did they learn to tie thier shoes? Orphan comedians, Amber Rollo & Chanel Ali, have a guest on each week to talk about it and laugh at some supremely dark shit. Listen to their stories from the luxury of your parent's guest room, while lamenting how hard it is to not have a struggle. This week, Chanel and Amber welcome standup comedian and playwright Jim Search. They discuss his half-orphanhood after his father’s passing. His play Jessie The Catfish: A Comedy is currently circulating the New York Comedy scene and will be at the Creek and The Cave November 1-4th. He also hosts his own podcast: Swatches & Boomboxes! October 24, 2017

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