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Jamie Aderski

Actress and improviser, best known for her one-woman show Cry Baby: My (Reluctant) Journey into Motherhood
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KATG 2740: Cry Baby

with Jamie Aderski – The secrets of motherhood; odd commercial work and foot modeling; humanoid robot destroyed and soiled by perverts at electronic fair; Harvey Weinstein completes his week at rehab; magician David Blane and director James Toback accused of rape and sexual assault; Woody Allen’s latest sexually inappropriate movie October 23, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Breast Milk Cheese: New mother and guest Jamie Aderski is in studio to tell us the things mothers don’t share about motherhood.
  • — Fancy Footwork: Jamie’s commercial work included adult diapers and the Snuggie, as well as continuing work as a foot model. Keith recounts his foot modeling “shoot.”
  • — Human Skin Tag: New disgusting details of Harvey Weinstein's life have surfaced from his ex-driver
  • — Animals: A humanoid robot needed extensive repair after being aggressively manhandled and groped by perverts at an Austrian electronics fair
  • — They Are Laughing At Us: Harvey Weinstein finished his week at a treatment center while rape and sexual assault allegations are being made against magician David Blaine and director James Toback. Woody Allen has a new movie coming out regarding adult/teen sex.


Jamie AderskiJamie Aderski

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