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Catherine Cohen

Comedian and actor, host of the monthly variety show "It's A Guy Thing" at Union Hall
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KATG 2753: Monumental

with Catherine Cohen and Andrea Allan — Keith’s results; taking down the statues of bad men; egging; Suburbicon reviewed; knowing when you’re awake; how to socialize November 9, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Body Acceptance: New guest Catherine Cohen went to a casting website and the weight range started at 1 pound
  • — Who Am I And Why Am I Here: Keith reviews the results from the test
  • — Put Me Down For No: The gang talks about whether statues commemorating bad men should be taken down, including but not limited to slavery supporter and anti-semite General Ulysses S. Grant, anti-semite Peter Stuyvesant, xenophobe and mass-murderer Christopher Columbus, and female butcher Dr. J. Marion Sims
  • — Rebel Rebel: 23% of the audience has used eggs as a weapon, our very own Andrea Allan included
  • — What Was So Good?: Keith reviews Suburbicon and wonders how people like bad things
  • — Do You Think You’re Sleeping?: 18% of the listeners answered yes to the poll question: Do you always know when you are awake?

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