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Mimi Fischer

Comedian and improviser, best known for her appearance on The Chris Gethard Show and Broad City
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KATG 2758: Poll Position

with Harry Terjanian and Mimi Fischer — KATG Polls: Sex robots, caring, Louis C.K.’s future, monuments, and urine drinking; dating debacles; creeping on social media; disillusionment; the vagina explained; democracy’s flaws; long distance relationships November 16, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Old Friends and New Friends: Harry Terjanian and The Chris Gethard Show’s resident hula hooper Mimi Fischer discuss the latest KATG polls
  • — Binary Position: 50% of the listeners said that they would have sex with a sex robot, and the gang discusses the brains of sex robot regulars
  • — Closed For The Season: Mimi discusses her (non-existent) dating life and her past dating debacles
  • — Creep: The gang discusses keeping an eye on exes and bullies on social media
  • — Meh: The poll from Keith Lowell Jensen’s show reveals that 40% of the listeners “don’t care.” Keith theorizes that people care less as they age and become more disillusioned. 64-year-old Mimi disagrees.
  • — Meat Curtains: The gang discusses the terminology they use to describe female genitalia, and Mimi explains the vagina
  • — Bad Men: 70% of the listeners think that Louis C.K.’s career with recover. The gang discusses the various scumbags that have been exposed in the media and how people quickly forget what they have done (WOODY ALLEN).
  • — Switch The Heads Out: 52% of the listeners believe there are human beings worth being honored by monuments
  • — Garbage In, Garbage Out: Mimi gives her take on the problems with the democratic system, beginning with Ronald Reagan and continuing with Fox News
  • — Brave Explorer: 80% of the listeners do not think Keith was insane for drinking his own urine, and they recognize his mark on science
  • — Looooong Distance: Harry is in love with a woman living in Turkey. The country. 5,339 miles away.

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