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Tim Young

Comedian and author of the books 50 Shades of Romney and 50 Shades of Obama.
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KATG 834: Fuckin' Hippies

I bet I could beat the ever-livin' shit out of you. October 28, 2008

Show Notes

  • — Dan Allen sleeps on Tim's couch
  • — Cleaning, 7 Grain Cereal, Celibacy and other hippie bullshit
  • — Indians are nicer than Americans
  • — Killer of the year: Just a big book to the head
  • — Keith didn't forget: You're a pedophile, Coconut!
  • — The rape story? Or the I had crazy sex on a cruise story?
  • — Christian Finnegan is funny
  • — Keith gets to have a gun; Keith shoots himself
  • — McNally is special
  • — The Cruise DVD:I dare you to find something wrong with this DVD
  • — Let's do things on Salvia: It's low brow, but it's funny
  • — Hippie drugs give, Bad drugs take
  • — Divorced after 40 years: Get the fuck out
  • — Jews and their silly little hats

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