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KATG 2991: Fashionably Gay w/ Ashley Gavin

Chemda is 2 years tumor-free; dating closeted people; diversity in commercials; man shoots own groin in Walmart; TV stealing jokes; reacting to gay comedians; Pope Francis on the fashionability of homosexuality; Baby, It’s Cold Outside banned; Hugh Hefner's auctioned items; problems with exes; TED Talks December 5, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Football: We have Ashley Gavin in studio celebrating Chemda’s 2-year anniversary of returning to KATG tumor-free
  • — On Brand: Ashley has a history of dating closeted women
  • — The Black Friend: The gang discusses how commercials are cast with forced diversity
  • — Groin, Groin, Gone: An Arizona man carrying a handgun in the waistband of his sweatpants accidentally shot himself in the crotch in the meat department of a Walmart
  • — Collective Consciousness: A popular TV show blatantly stole one of Ashley’s tweets on gun control
  • — Does She Know?: Ashley discusses audience members’ reactions to her being a lesbian
  • — Liar Liar: Pope Francis is worried how being gay is becoming a fashionable new lifestyle that could ruin the Catholic Church
  • — #Rapey: A Cleveland radio station has stopped playing the song Baby, It’s Cold Outside after listeners complained about how antiquated and creepy it is
  • — Mammaries: The late Hugh Hefner’s possessions, including his famed red smoking jacket, his personal Playboy collection, and a ring that held 1 Viagra pill, have been auctioned off
  • — We Don’t Blow Kids: The gang discusses some of the non-negotiables of their previous partners
  • — One Job: Ashley discusses her TED Talk on computer science


Ashley GavinAshley Gavin

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