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KATG 2843: Dating for Dummies w/ Melody Kamali and Deno DeMartino

Stand-Up-Athon results; Keith’s David Bowie exhibit date; studies show that beautiful people believe life is fair and just, and longer penises can deliver more vaginal orgasms than shorter penises; Keith reviews The Quiet Place and Blockers; Tony Robbins says the #MeToo movement is women’s excuse for not dealing with their own failures April 8, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Andrea Wrote This: The Stand-Up-Athon votes are in, and Andrea Allan came in second place, Sydnee Washington came in first but who gives a shit, and Tracey Carnazzo came in third
  • — Absolute Beginners: Melody Kamali and Deno DeMartino join KATG as Keith describes his David Bowie exhibit date and his smooth moves
  • — News Flashes: A study published in the journal Psychological Reports shows that beautiful people tend to believe that life is fundamentally fair and just. Also, a study done by the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that men with longer penises can give women more vaginal orgasms than those without
  • — Shhhh: Keith reviews The Quiet Place and Blockers, and the gang reminisces about the rapeyness of old school movies such as Overboard and Revenge of the Nerds
  • — #HimToo: During one of his live events, life coach Tony Robbins said that women are using the #MeToo movement to get attention and not deal with their own failures. Sexual abuse survivor Nanine McCool is on tape at the event confronting him.

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