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KATG 2854: Cool Dad w/ Nick Thune

Animalistic urges and being a good father; for the love of drinking; explaining death; Nick's dad; stopping rudeness; how to fix your marriage; Nick's wife April 30, 2018

Show Notes

  • — A Dude In The 70s: Cool cat Nick Thune in studio at Starburns Audio in L.A.
  • — Thunderpussy: Nick discusses his animalistic urges and how being a good father is the most important thing to him
  • — If You’re Happy, I’m Happy: Keith discusses the events leading up to his sobriety, and Nick discusses his relationship with drinking
  • — Rest In Peace: Nick’s bird died, and he had to explain the concept of death to his son
  • — Shit-Eating Grin: Nick discusses his relationship with his father and how he was raised
  • — Public Moments: Nick’s pet peeve is when people are rude in public spaces. He discusses his most recent altercations.
  • — So In Love: Nick recently went into relationship counseling and his troubled marriage feels renewed
  • — You’re Fucking Up, You Should Be With Me: Nick's first interaction with his wife was when he was a teenager. He first got her attention by putting pubic hair on her shoulder on the bus.


Nick ThuneNick Thune

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