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KATG 3499: 2022 24-Hour Marathon: Does Keith Have ADD w/ Jeff Meacham, Emily Panic, and Shelton Lindsay

Jeff Meacham, longtime KATG friend and the new Planet Fitness spokesperson, discusses his kid party skills and Attention Deficit Disorder. Does Keith have it?! Emily Panic and Shelton Lindsay are in for the brain examinations. Emily shares her run-in with the law. Also, since we·re talkin·, how would your exes describe you? And shoutout to Max. February 8, 2022

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Show Notes

  • — Meat Loaf and The 2-Star Review
  • — Kid parties
  • — How exes would describe you
  • — Keith’s ADD self-diagnosis in real time
  • — Max Darwin retrospective
  • — Learn how to hear!
  • — Emily’s run-in with the police


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