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KATG 2855: The Machine w/ Bert Kreischer

The #1 Party Animal; weight and sobriety bets; Bert vs. AA; people pleasing and OCD; how not to cure an STD; Bert's gay male porn viewing; how not to raise kids; Michelle Wolf; Avengers: Infinity War and I Feel Pretty reviews May 2, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Man And Machine: KATG is joined by Bert Kreischer, the world's #1 party animal and the inspiration for Van Wilder
  • — Fat Shaming: Bert discusses his weight loss challenge against fellow comedian Tom Segura and the crazy tactics he resorted to
  • — #PrayForJoe: Bert and a group of comedians competed in a sober challenge against Joe Rogan
  • — What’s Wrong With Me?: After listening to several episodes of Keith and The Girl, Bert reflected on what his biggest personal problems were
  • — Getting Away From You: A listener wrote in seeking advice on how to get sober. Bert discusses his relationship with alcohol and the 1 time he went to AA.
  • — Black Male Therapist: Bert is working with a therapist to try to get to the bottom of his people pleasing tendencies and his obsessive compulsiveness
  • — St. Jude: Bert had an STD scare that lead him to soak his dick in white vinegar every night and pray
  • — Ghost Swallow: Bert was punked into watching gay male porn and became very impressed with the blow jobs
  • — Honesty Is The Worst Policy: Bert tried to disclose as little as possible about sex, drugs, and alcohol to his children
  • — Tent Pole Moment: The gang discusses Michelle Wolf’s performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner and people’s reactions to it
  • — Spoiler Alert: The gang reviews Avengers: Infinity War and I Feel Pretty

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