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Eddie Pepitone

Comedian known for his Netflix Stand-Up Special "In Ruins"
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KATG 2859: The Bitter Buddha w/ Eddie Pepitone

Absurdism; L.A.'s style vs. NYC's grit; sober Eddie; vapid social media posts; Dr. Doolittle; Eddie's parents; how men and women express feelings; Carnival Cruise Line floods; Gary Busey: Pet Judge; Melania Trump's Be Best program May 9, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Today's Pep Talk: We have comedy legend and curmudgeon Eddie Pepitone in our L.A. apartment studio
  • — Absurdist Rage: Eddie explains his performance style and what he feels like while he is onstage
  • — A New Yorker In L.A.: Eddie has been in Los Angeles for 15 years, and he misses New York City's grit
  • — Default Setting: Eddie is completely sober, and he discusses how he tries to stay zen
  • — Cc: Madge: Keith hates when people respond to vapid social media posts
  • — Ace Ventura: Eddie has 5 animals, and he regularly goes to the park to feed the squirrels
  • — Tradition: Eddie discusses his difficult upbringing, his troubles with the holidays, and his mother's death
  • — Feeling Heard: The gang discusses how men and women express their feelings
  • — Getting Comped: A waterline break on a Carnival Cruise flooded over 50 rooms. Keith would have loved that.
  • — Crazy Like A Fox: Keith went to a taping of the upcoming show Gary Busey: Pet Judge
  • — Best Self: Melania Trump has unveiled her formal platform as First Lady, which is the program Be Best. It focuses on fighting opioid abuse and cyberbullying as well as promoting positive well-being

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