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Allison Raskin

Comedian and co-host of the YouTube channel Just Between Us
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KATG 2857: Just Between Us w/ Allison Raskin

Bill Cosby’s sentencing; Tom Brokaw accused of sexual assault; your parents paying for your nose job; OCD and mental illness; internet hate; Melania’s absent birthday present May 7, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Gaby’s Allison: Allison Raskin, Gaby Dunn’s comedy partner, is in our L.A. studio
  • — Polansky’s Plane: Bill Cosby, convicted of sexual assault, is on house arrest awaiting the sentencing that must take place 100 days after his conviction
  • — #MeToo: Tom Brokaw, NBC News anchor, has been accused of sexual assault by 2 women. Keith briefly dated a woman who Brokaw tried to sleep with while Brokaw was drunk and married.
  • — The Raskins: Allison’s parents paid for her nose job. She also discusses her obsessive-compulsive disorder and her history coping with mental illness starting at childhood.
  • — Does Oprah Have Time?: Allison discusses the negative attention that a hit YouTube channel attracts
  • — #420: Allison has recently become a lot more open about smoking pot
  • — The Dog House: Despite the attention Melania Trump has to deal with regarding porn stars, sex, and the news, Donald Trump did not buy Melania a present for her birthday

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